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Optical Network Certification (ONC) Program

Nokia Optical Network Certification (ONC)Leverage your investment in Nokia optical technology and prepare yourself for the future of optical networking with the Nokia Optical Network Certification (ONC) program.

The ONC program is designed to provide industry professionals with the training and skills needed to design, implement, and manage/maintain optical networks based on the Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) and Network Functions Manager for Transport (NFM-T).

The ONC Program includes three certifications – the Optical Network Architect and the Nokia Optical Design Expert which are currently available, and the Nokia Optical Services Expert that will be a phased roll-out starting in Q3'19.  The Architect certification addresses advanced-level topics in the areas of network design, management, and troubleshooting. Through the Nokia Optical Network Design Expert certification, individuals develop expert-level knowledge, best practices and practical skills required to design optimized and resilient Nokia 1830 PSS based WDM networks. And, with the Nokia Optical Network Services Expert certification participants learn the technologies, skills and best practices required to configure, manage and deploy differentiated services on a Nokia optical based network.

Certifications Offered

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